Hats and Cigars Art Collection

Hats and Cigars Art Collection

The Hat Ambassador proudly presents the Hats and Cigars Art Collection. A one of a kind collection of 4 limited edition pins with custom art done by renowned artist, Dania Sierra of Sierra Fine Art.

Ever since I started the brand, Hats and Cigars, I had a vision of creating a set of pins with art being the centerpiece of the design.

For this project, I couldn't just have any art. It had to be something that would represent the brand as well as the cigar culture and it had to be something that spoke to me. It also couldn't just be any artist to bring this vision to life.

In 2022, I was able to find the perfect artist for this project and collaborated with her to create 4 exclusive designs for the House of Hats and Cigars. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the artist behind the Hats and Cigars Art Collection, Dania Sierra of Sierra Fine Art.


Meet The Artist:


Meet Dania Sierra a contemporary Cuban / American artist working in oils and digital imagery. Ms. Sierra has been exhibiting her pieces through Art Galleries, Art Festivals, and online creative venues for the past 22 years. Ms. Sierra’s brilliant execution of color and design have earned her the respect and admiration of collectors and colleagues alike. She is a published award-winning fine artist as well as a graphic designer.

Ms. Sierra has several Art in Public Places Installations and mural. Her most recent project is two large scale painted sculptures of 50, that will grace the gardens of Maurice Ferre Park, Dogs and Cats Walkway outdoor permanent exhibition in Bayfront Park Downtown Miami.

Grand Opening January 2023.

Please visit her website to find out more about the artist and her amazing pieces. www.sierrafineart.com

The Hats and Cigars Art Collection is one that will peak the interests of many aficionados, as it should. Combining both the hat and cigar culture into a beautifully designed art motif gives you a stunning piece, not only to look at but to also represent your love of all things art, hats, and cigars. 

Each 1.75" pin is done in a combo of soft enamel and gold metal to frame the beautiful art which is finished with a full color process to bring out the amazing details and rich colors.

Each of the individual pieces is an embodiment of the cigar lifestyle through an abstract representation mixed with beautiful imagery and vibrant colors.

Take your hat game to a whole new level and wear a piece of art on your hat!